Now taking questions!

I am on a mission...

... a quest for information! I'm in the process of developing a new idea and I need your help, and want to help you. This Thursday Feb 9 I will be starting a 3 day, 5 show, run in Peoria Il. at Jukebox Comedy Club . Most of the show will be dedicated to the new hour I am planning to record as a "special" possibly in April. (more details about that to come) however for a short portion of each show I will be taking questions, from you, about... anything really.

I am a cancer survivor, a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, a father, a husband, and a New York Times best selling author of three relationship books on dating, breaking up, and self worth. I've known startling success, and great loss, and from both I have gained insight that I wish to hone by hearing yours. Surely you have a question about something in your life. It is also possible I will have questions for you. I am trying to establish a dialogue with you so that I can better understand you, our current world, and my own work, in order to create something of value.  I promise you it will be fun it always is. So please come see me. Bring books for signing and I will see you soon! 

What else is going on?

I've been doing standup since Feb 28th 1989. I have been a standup for a little more than half my adult life. And yet the question remains. What else are you doing? I did a few interviews this week to promote this weekends shows in Irvine at the Improv, Monday at Largo, and Thursday at Flappers and they said "But does he have anything to promote?" Now I'm not an idiot most standup's have other jobs, in fact it's almost impossible not to... but I don't. I hate that it's not enough. It's not enough to promote it, it's not enough to get a special it's not even enough to just do it. It's seems ludicrous to ask a band if they have anything in works besides music. "Yeah look, I get that Deer Hunter have an album coming out but do they have something they want to promote?" The even weirder part is guaranteed whatever the standup has to promote it invariably has little to do with their standup, even if it's in comedy. Fame is what sells tickets to the general public that's not at all lost on me. My own temporal fame collided with my comedy career while such as it was and almost ended me (dramatic license) I think it would be amazing if my own standup was a means to it's own end. I dunno. 

It's fucking good, my standup. It's no, "I'm biding my time till the next life happens." It is my life, and I work really hard on it. It's relevant, and honest, and thoughtful and not for everyone. I wish it was enough.  I'm a comedian my show is well worth seeing and then seeing it again! Why? I turn my material over (slowly) but you will never see the same show twice, even if I did the same show twice in a row it wouldn't be the same. Comedy, like jazz, is environmental, especially if there is an environment to perform to :). So please, If you like me, come see my show. I promise I'll leave it all on the stage and when it's over you will say "Fuck that was awesome... what else does he do?"

gregBehrendt2 glasses white.jpg

I forgot I had friennn.

This hasn't been my best year, and it's hard when things aren't breaking your way to think about anyone else but myself. But last week my friend, former and one time podcast partner Dave texted and said " you want to do Walking The Room at LA Podfest this Sunday." And I thought "Fuck dude that's all I want to do." I think I texted "I'm in." but I know I felt something far mor intense than that. I can't explain it really, other than to say that until asked I was unaware how much it would mean to do the show again and how proud I felt to be asked. Not just for me but for the good people who made it a semi, non historical, certified dumpster fire in the first place. For the kind people who carry a clown suit in their carryon just for the one in a million chance a show breaks out. That's called hope, and it's something I'd forgotten about. I may have also forgotten in the abyss of my own self-pity that I do indeed have friennn.  So to you and to Dave I say... 

You know you got friennn!


P.S. What's your piss jar? 

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Grab a piece of King Sweater history.

I'm aware that being a fan of mine is a challenge. I'm not always easy to locate, I tour sporadically, books take forever to come out...

But when I do attempt something I attempt it with all my heart. I Am The King Sweater is more than just the insane story of a man lost in Japan with a guitar and some homemade pomade.  It's also a  constantly revealing rock and roll art installation. There is no commercial upside to doing TKS only the satisfaction of doing it and the hope of what it might become. Montreal marked the beginning of something truly great.

I love merchandise when it's truly worth having. To commemorate the shows we had artist Sean Keeton create an amazing show poster. It's a giclee' art print of Myself and the girls blasting out Cakebox, It 's a work of art signed by Sean and I both. There is a limited amount but if you are a fan of mine, Sean's or The King Sweater Legacy then grab this one because they are fucking beautiful. 


I almost didn't have a song on the pretty in Pink Soundtrack, and also didn't.

If you are fan of mine then you may be aware of the tough time I've had putting up this show. I AM THE KING SWEATER. The trouble started in the Spring of 2015 when in debuted in Australia. What had earlier been diagnosed as gas turned out to be Non Hodgkin's Large B Cel Lymphoma in my intestine. I was 8 shows and one decent review into a 22 night run about a man who almost had a song on the Pretty In Pink soundtrack.

"Esoteric... with a great narrative."-The Herald Sun

I jetted back to the US and was treated immediately by a hipster surgeon and my Bernie Sandersesq oncologist. Within roughly six months I was cancer free. (I remain that way.) 

I Am The King Sweater, the story of a man who goes to Japan, becomes a rockstar, get's his own lines of men's cosmetics, and forgets to tell everyone, was put on permanent hold after a less than stellar one night revival here at Largo in LA. I was just too weak. 

I went back on the road because that's what I do. I had put the show to bed when a little less than two months ago my managers called to tell me I had an opportunity to do the show at Just For Laughs in Montreal. (This Thurs, Fri and Sat July 28-30) I told them on one condition. If I could take a drummer instead of play to track I would consider it. They said Ok, but you have pay for the cost to cover the drummer yourself. Ok. 

Then my best friend and sister Kristen died suddenly and a little unexpectedly. I was and still am wrecked. I was told I could cancel my shows.

My sister was one of a handful of King Sweater devotees who not only loved the big dumb punk opera but worked on shaping it with me. Determined to do it I started performing bits and pieces of it around town with a live drummer, it was really cracking. 

Then I got the call that Danny the drummer had a botched out patient surgery and he would not be able to make the trip... 

With less than two weeks to go and nt spirit crushed my friend and writing partner Travis said "I have drum sticks." Which basically meant "I'm not promising you I'm a great drummer but I'm also not afraid to let you know I can drum." We had reached out to the internet via to cover the cost of the drummer and within days we raised enough. 

Just For Laughs has a rich history of being a comedy festival where the film and tv industry gather to find new and exciting talent. Comics go there with big hopes. I myself have gone there more than a few times with big hopes, The first year I went I bombed so hard they are still picking up rubble. The next time I went, I got an enormous talent hold from NBC. In 2005 I did two sold out nights in an old theatre, in 2013 I did 4 nights in an old empty strip club unable to gather more than 70 people over 4 nights. Show business can really take it out of you sometimes. 

I'm not going to Montreal to get anything other than a room full of willing souls to howl, and wail at the first and only two man punk rock opera and love story about two Japanese girls and a never iconic men's cosmetics Icon, and rockabilly never-was, who changed the way people do absolutely nothing and had an amazing time almost doing it. 

The Pompahawk Chop Shop!

Very soon what started out as GregBehrendt,com will soon become the online retail store of my dreams: The Pompahawk Chop Shop. It will be a place that fans of my comedy, my books, my music and my style will come to find everything from scarves to tour date information, If spending money on "me type things" is what you desire then this will be the place to do it.

in my dream world there will be brick a mortar gathering place for haircuts, strong coffee, good music, and assorted personally designed and or curated clothing items. While woman will always be welcome I HOPE it will be something of a gathering place for men, A "fellow-shop" as it were. A place where a man can bring his worries and his fears and share them with other like minded men over a solid cup of coffee and a Pompahawk. I envision it as a place where men go when they want to be better men, AND look like better men. A an emotional and sartorial filling station if you will. That's why I'm so fascinated with the old blue and orange gas stations colors. I want a place where good non-sexist men striving to be more can gather to talk in private about their kids, their girlfriends, their husbands their golf game and get a decent shoe shine. It's a ridiculous notion I know but besides A.A there are very few places where men can go to lay their burden down in a non secular way and be heard by other men also in the struggle. All of course under the guise of buying a flannel. 

So stay tuned to this page because it starts here. I haven't got a pot to piss in yet but once this idea catches fire boys grab a fez and watch out! 


Also a band!

As you know Danny and I are as serious about GBAHFWF being a band, as I am about it eventually becoming some kind of a TV show. To that end we have been banging away at music we are calling GAS STATION REGGAE (which is basically Sublime meets greasy diner food after a night of disco) we will be debuting songs on the podcast but we are also hoping to do just musical gigs as well. It would even be great to get invited to Ska and Reggae festivals. Please stay with us. I get the feeing something really amazing might happen.

Just Keep Them Alive

Why have one when you can have two? A few months back a friend asked if I wanted to do a podcast and I was hesitant. Then he said "...about parenting". And I said "NO!" and then he said "...with Bob Forrest." And I said "Hell yes!" Bob is the lead singer for one of the original "Scream Scene" bands Thelonious Monster, a scene that also included The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jane's Addiction and Human Drama. He is also a bit of a legend in the sober community. He's outspoken, funny, kind and the twice divorced father of two boys 23 and 5 years old. Our lives couldn't be more un-alike and yet we have places where we intersect completely. Not unlike Walking The Room we just set up the mics and go and while we do talk about how we encounter kids it also leads to discussions about music, age, sex and just plain stupidity, The podcast is called Just Keep Them Alive and is on iTunes and Soundcloud

I want a second shot at my Talkshow!

I have very few regrets, and the ones I do have aren’t professional. I’ve had an amazing career and been truly lucky, but if I had one do-over, I’d do the talkshow completely differently. What talkshow, you ask? Cast your imagination back to September of 2006. Idiocracy was in theatres (briefly), Justin Timberlake ended our long national nightmare when he brought Sexy back (thanks!) and my tips were frosted. Heavily. I hosted The Greg Behrendt Show, a daily relationship chatter that could’ve been great without so much meddling from the higher-ups. I’ve always wanted to re-do it with the gift of hindsight, but the chances of a network giving 52-year old Greg Behrendt free reign to make that dream-show a reality are slim.

Greg Behrendt and His Flying White Falcon is a two man ragga-billy, garage, reggae band made up of myself and Danny Yost but it is also  a monthly music, style and relationship talkshow staged at the World Famous Hollywood Improv.  It works under the simple premise: 'What if the house band hosted a style and relationship talkshow?' And the band was ME.  And what if I could interview the people I admired most about how they arrived at their own personal style? Musically, comedically, personally. And what if I brought back some of the fun relationship games from the old GBS like the uncomfortable phone call, or a new segment called 3 Drinks In where a comedian who's had a few drinks and I give advice to someone from the studio audience. And of course my own brand of raga billy garage reggae w musical guests. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do: an exhibition of my loves, strengths and total weaknesses. I’d be the host, the band, and the expert.

Before we can ask for people to donate to bring such a show to life as a live streaming and youtube show shot in virtual reality, we have to see if:

A)There's any interest!

B) If it works! 

So we're doing the first few as podcasts. The first one is next Thursday Jan 14 at the Improv in Hollywood with rapper (Hot Karl) turned comic and galley owner Jensen Karp and Jen Kirkman assisting me with relationship advice! ONLY $8 BUCKS

It really is possible to do an end-run around the TV-Industrial Complex and make your own thing. You just need a little help to get started. People like you are supporting artists and helping them do the kind of work that’s in their hearts. Here’s what’s in mine. LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN! i will love you forever.  

What is Greg Behrendt And His Flying White Falcon?

Greg Behrendt and His Flying White Falcon is more than just a Lo Fi Skabilly outfit composed of Greg Behrendt (The Reigning Monarchs) and Danny Yost (The Kickback) It is also a live music and style podcast or "podconcert" that begins recording Jan 14th at The Lab at The Melrose Improv in Hollywood California.  

Tix are $10

The show will consist of musical performances, comedy speeches and a Greggaestyle interview with a style maker, ground breaker, earth shaker and soul taker about how he arrived at his personal style both professionally as well as sartorialy! This month it's Jensen Karp a former rapper (Hot Karl) turned gallery owner, comic, dj, producer and Clippers fan.


Bring The Rock Back! Flashback Friday!

I mean I've been trying to kill it off for six years but the people keep begging for it! Even in the wake of weak imitations and popular knockoffs you've asked me to rock you and so I humble announce that... 

The show returns to Los Angeles Jan 15 with Bill Burr and Colin Hay and San Francisco Jan 23  Dana Gould and Kate Micucci


or a sample of what the show is like here's me with the original Electrick SnoFlake, featuring Nina Gordon of Veruca Salt! 

Screamin GB/ GreggaeStyle /Pompahawk

Last night at Echo's Below Sunset I performed a set of comedy and music and it was righteous. I also Periscoped it! I've given the shows in which I perform music under the title Screaming GB, at least for now though I've considered GrggaeStyle as well as Pompahawk. Last night I incorporated music based comedy as well as bits I'm working on for my full hour of standup but I think they about to become two different shows. I think I'd like to write a separate act as well as songs around my guitar and my obsession with Rock and Roll. The symbol for this will be the shiny shoes. Whenever you see that logo you know it's a Screaming GB/GreggaeStyle/Pompahawk? event. The screaming face will be just standup! I'd love to hear your opinion. Would you be interested in a rock and roll comedy show? Do you just prefer just my standup? I'll continue to do both but with so many straight plain white male standups around right now I'd love to create something new. Let me know in the comment section. Do you like the idea, and what do I call it? 




On playing guitar.

If you follow me on any social media then you know that my main obsession is playing guitar to the point of being pathological about it. I'm not even very particularly good but the joy it brings me is immeasurable. And I do have a style all my own. I'll just leave that there.

Before I was stricken with the big C I had written a show called I Am The King Sweater a one act semi true, mostly dreamed, story about the two and a half years I spent in Japan 84-86/87 as a Rockabilly star and Mens Cosmetics ICON. It wrote it in an effort to combine all the things I love into one show. I had sadly also had hit a wall with my standup writing and didn't want to go to the Melbourne comedy fest with an hour of "Eh?" The King Sweater was only performed 8 times of its 22 night stand in Australia when I got sick. I'm attempting to revise it here but I also had a revelation.

Upon having survived cancer I began to feel differently about my stand up I suddenly felt I had a lot to say, but I also realized I had created a fictional story about a guy I actually am, and if I want to bring a guitar up onstage  on occasion Im going to. I like the idea that a standup show can also  have other elements like a little Link Wray or perhaps my version of The Cramps Monkey with Your Tail (Yes I sing-ish) I am about to start touring hardcore starting mid Nov. and I'll be working out that full hour next Sun Nov 15th here at the Uncabaret. It will be text only, no guitar. But I've decided to let my show become what it wants to be.

The attached video is me me explaining that when you have walk-on music the walk to the stage is always to short to hear it or that the sound guy always cuts it too short, So this is me playing my own walk-on music... and how I would begin to incorporate music to my show. 


My next So Cal gig will be in Fullerton at a show called Blammo! I feel like I may need to bring the White Falcon and rip a little reverb while also debuting some new merch. It's possible I will have Estoy Merchandise  shirt guru Angelo Warner with me which means I may have assorted King Sweater and Reigning Monarchs stuff as well. There will fully be a meet and greet afterwards and I hope you will come and slip me the glad hand, Tickets are only $5 bucks and the show also features the comedy of Julia Prescott  so it will be relevant! 

Why Do A New Hour?

While I lay sick in bed this summer a warm gratitude came over me for my own standup. I think when you've done a thing for a long time you begin to have a relationship with it that when it stops bringing you riches or notoriety you start to resent it Trust me If you know me I've quit it a few times out of self pity. Partly you wonder "Am I good at this anymore?" Partly you wonder "Does anyone give a shit?" and you forget why you bothered starting in the first place which has nothing to do with either of those questions. But realizing I may never do it again changed all that. (so cliche')

But the other much bigger factor is the gratitude for the people who love what I do. The kind ones who wrote me as I lay in bed all bald and sweaty. People who actually just love watching me do stand up. Weidos, shuts in, old people, people I don't know.  Yes they enjoy Waking The Room The Monarchs and have been supportive of my adventures in book writing and t shirts, but from Mantastic, Uncool, and That Guy From That Thing they have patiently waited for me to just do a standup thing again. I know because they have been quite vocal about it . When I tweeted that it was a possibility about a month ago that I'd do another hour that tweet got more likes and retweets than any tweet I've tweeted (12 to be exact) So I'm off and running. While I'm also working on the I Am The King Sweater musical, I am also preparing a brand new hour at this moment titled Enough Already. By brand new there may be some stuff you have heard that just hasn't been recorded, but there is plenty no one has ever heard, I'm excited to hit the stage again and I'll be brining much new Angelo Warner and Chad Edge merch! 

Jake Johannsen to Direct I Am The King Sweater!

I Am The King Sweater will return Oct 14th at Largo. It will be directed by the epically funny Jake Johannsen who is notable for his 46 Late Night With David Letterman appearances and his many specials including his latest Pictures Of My Dinner. Jake is the reason I got into comedy. I always thought (incorrectly) that comedy was uncool because I was soooo into music and punk rock, and then I saw Jake. I thought he was the Elvis Costello of stand up. He was funny and odd and super well dressed and it made me look at comedy in a completely different way. 26 years later he's my pal and directing this ridiculous tale of rock and roll victory and loss. I am lucky to have him. For tickets and details get on the Largo mailing list


7 New Cities and 16 new shows added to tour!

The Greg Behrendt Enough Already, There Will Be A Crushing! Tour has just added new dates and will continue to do so. My mangers and agents have been hard at work getting new shows and even new cites like San Diego and Louisville on the books and I couldn't be more excited.  

Look without a great podcast, no TV show, a terrible twitter feed and no new book until 2016 the only way to enjoy me is live. And honestly that's what I love for. If you want the Greggae experience then you gotta come see me live and then pick up some merch so we can spread the gospel about life after cancer and the joy of saying swear words into a microphone! 

So get on your combat boots, your cardi, your swinging bowtie and let's go crushing. 

Tour Dates Here


Walking The Room Canceled In Favor Of Little Big Dollhouse Explanations

Our beloved but much maligned podcast Walking The Room, which was to have enjoyed it's second re-onion show at The Los Angeles Podfest, has been canceled in favor of America's favorite Dollhouse restoration show Little Big Dollhouse Explanations featuring Dave Anthony, Greg Behrendt with special doll enthusiast Charlie Clausen and Nick Cody. Our apologies and congratulations to fans of both shows!