On playing guitar.

If you follow me on any social media then you know that my main obsession is playing guitar to the point of being pathological about it. I'm not even very particularly good but the joy it brings me is immeasurable. And I do have a style all my own. I'll just leave that there.

Before I was stricken with the big C I had written a show called I Am The King Sweater a one act semi true, mostly dreamed, story about the two and a half years I spent in Japan 84-86/87 as a Rockabilly star and Mens Cosmetics ICON. It wrote it in an effort to combine all the things I love into one show. I had sadly also had hit a wall with my standup writing and didn't want to go to the Melbourne comedy fest with an hour of "Eh?" The King Sweater was only performed 8 times of its 22 night stand in Australia when I got sick. I'm attempting to revise it here but I also had a revelation.

Upon having survived cancer I began to feel differently about my stand up I suddenly felt I had a lot to say, but I also realized I had created a fictional story about a guy I actually am, and if I want to bring a guitar up onstage  on occasion Im going to. I like the idea that a standup show can also  have other elements like a little Link Wray or perhaps my version of The Cramps Monkey with Your Tail (Yes I sing-ish) I am about to start touring hardcore starting mid Nov. and I'll be working out that full hour next Sun Nov 15th here at the Uncabaret. It will be text only, no guitar. But I've decided to let my show become what it wants to be.

The attached video is me me explaining that when you have walk-on music the walk to the stage is always to short to hear it or that the sound guy always cuts it too short, So this is me playing my own walk-on music... and how I would begin to incorporate music to my show.