Screamin GB/ GreggaeStyle /Pompahawk

Last night at Echo's Below Sunset I performed a set of comedy and music and it was righteous. I also Periscoped it! I've given the shows in which I perform music under the title Screaming GB, at least for now though I've considered GrggaeStyle as well as Pompahawk. Last night I incorporated music based comedy as well as bits I'm working on for my full hour of standup but I think they about to become two different shows. I think I'd like to write a separate act as well as songs around my guitar and my obsession with Rock and Roll. The symbol for this will be the shiny shoes. Whenever you see that logo you know it's a Screaming GB/GreggaeStyle/Pompahawk? event. The screaming face will be just standup! I'd love to hear your opinion. Would you be interested in a rock and roll comedy show? Do you just prefer just my standup? I'll continue to do both but with so many straight plain white male standups around right now I'd love to create something new. Let me know in the comment section. Do you like the idea, and what do I call it?