The King Sweater/Greg Behrendt releases Cakebox/Banzai Washout Via Bandcamp


It's possible these songs were originally released in Japan in the summer of 1985. The song Cakebox was believed to have been on the Pretty In Pink soundtrack for a short time until Paramount Pictures changed the films original ending. The song however did serve as the official theme song and the inspiration behind an entire line of Japanese mens cosmetics, most famously The King Sweaters Glitter Cake Pomade. The pomade which had pieces of glitter and silver in it was created by The King Sweater himself while on the road with his band The Royal Order Of The Crossed Kombs who were two Japanese girls Lotus (bass) and Blossom (drums) both veterans of the Cream Soda rockabilly scene in Harajuku. The band was around for only a very short time. 

In January of 2015 the rights of the the song Cakebox, as well as the recipe to the pomade and the name The King Sweater revert back from the Super Brilliant Sunshine Cosmetics Co to their rightful owner Greg Behrendt and you can hear the whole amazing story in his one man punk cabaret show