Here is how you'll never ever miss me!

Guys I'm not stumping for BANDSINTOWN Im putting this out there because It's something I think will help me as an artist and you as my loyal and amazing fan. In the recent year I've become suspect of how "important it is to have a social media presence"  I don't see Facebook, Twitter etc,  affecting my ticket sales at least. All I really get is 'Why didn't I know you were in town" or "Please come my town " which I'm only NOT coming to your town because I've not been invited, not because I don't want to. Trust me on this I've never turned down a gig unless I've had other work. I WANT to come to your town.

Point being, I really only use Facebook and Twitter so you will see me live because that is what I do. I am a performer and love it and so I have registered The King Sweater, Greg Behrendt and The Reigning Monarchs up with Bands In Town if you sing up you will never not know when I'm in town. And hopefully that's why you follow me. Stand Up, Music, Book Signings, all announced through bands in town. They also post my dates here on my Website. 

I Am The King Sweater look for: The King Sweater
Stand Up look for: Greg Behrendt