Why Do A New Hour?

While I lay sick in bed this summer a warm gratitude came over me for my own standup. I think when you've done a thing for a long time you begin to have a relationship with it that when it stops bringing you riches or notoriety you start to resent it Trust me If you know me I've quit it a few times out of self pity. Partly you wonder "Am I good at this anymore?" Partly you wonder "Does anyone give a shit?" and you forget why you bothered starting in the first place which has nothing to do with either of those questions. But realizing I may never do it again changed all that. (so cliche')

But the other much bigger factor is the gratitude for the people who love what I do. The kind ones who wrote me as I lay in bed all bald and sweaty. People who actually just love watching me do stand up. Weidos, shuts in, old people, people I don't know.  Yes they enjoy Waking The Room The Monarchs and have been supportive of my adventures in book writing and t shirts, but from Mantastic, Uncool, and That Guy From That Thing they have patiently waited for me to just do a standup thing again. I know because they have been quite vocal about it . When I tweeted that it was a possibility about a month ago that I'd do another hour that tweet got more likes and retweets than any tweet I've tweeted (12 to be exact) So I'm off and running. While I'm also working on the I Am The King Sweater musical, I am also preparing a brand new hour at this moment titled Enough Already. By brand new there may be some stuff you have heard that just hasn't been recorded, but there is plenty no one has ever heard, I'm excited to hit the stage again and I'll be brining much new Angelo Warner and Chad Edge merch!