I want a second shot at my Talkshow!

I have very few regrets, and the ones I do have aren’t professional. I’ve had an amazing career and been truly lucky, but if I had one do-over, I’d do the talkshow completely differently. What talkshow, you ask? Cast your imagination back to September of 2006. Idiocracy was in theatres (briefly), Justin Timberlake ended our long national nightmare when he brought Sexy back (thanks!) and my tips were frosted. Heavily. I hosted The Greg Behrendt Show, a daily relationship chatter that could’ve been great without so much meddling from the higher-ups. I’ve always wanted to re-do it with the gift of hindsight, but the chances of a network giving 52-year old Greg Behrendt free reign to make that dream-show a reality are slim.

Greg Behrendt and His Flying White Falcon is a two man ragga-billy, garage, reggae band made up of myself and Danny Yost but it is also  a monthly music, style and relationship talkshow staged at the World Famous Hollywood Improv.  It works under the simple premise: 'What if the house band hosted a style and relationship talkshow?' And the band was ME.  And what if I could interview the people I admired most about how they arrived at their own personal style? Musically, comedically, personally. And what if I brought back some of the fun relationship games from the old GBS like the uncomfortable phone call, or a new segment called 3 Drinks In where a comedian who's had a few drinks and I give advice to someone from the studio audience. And of course my own brand of raga billy garage reggae w musical guests. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do: an exhibition of my loves, strengths and total weaknesses. I’d be the host, the band, and the expert.

Before we can ask for people to donate to bring such a show to life as a live streaming and youtube show shot in virtual reality, we have to see if:

A)There's any interest!

B) If it works! 

So we're doing the first few as podcasts. The first one is next Thursday Jan 14 at the Improv in Hollywood with rapper (Hot Karl) turned comic and galley owner Jensen Karp and Jen Kirkman assisting me with relationship advice! ONLY $8 BUCKS

It really is possible to do an end-run around the TV-Industrial Complex and make your own thing. You just need a little help to get started. People like you are supporting artists and helping them do the kind of work that’s in their hearts. Here’s what’s in mine. LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN! i will love you forever.