The Pompahawk Chop Shop!

Very soon what started out as GregBehrendt,com will soon become the online retail store of my dreams: The Pompahawk Chop Shop. It will be a place that fans of my comedy, my books, my music and my style will come to find everything from scarves to tour date information, If spending money on "me type things" is what you desire then this will be the place to do it.

in my dream world there will be brick a mortar gathering place for haircuts, strong coffee, good music, and assorted personally designed and or curated clothing items. While woman will always be welcome I HOPE it will be something of a gathering place for men, A "fellow-shop" as it were. A place where a man can bring his worries and his fears and share them with other like minded men over a solid cup of coffee and a Pompahawk. I envision it as a place where men go when they want to be better men, AND look like better men. A an emotional and sartorial filling station if you will. That's why I'm so fascinated with the old blue and orange gas stations colors. I want a place where good non-sexist men striving to be more can gather to talk in private about their kids, their girlfriends, their husbands their golf game and get a decent shoe shine. It's a ridiculous notion I know but besides A.A there are very few places where men can go to lay their burden down in a non secular way and be heard by other men also in the struggle. All of course under the guise of buying a flannel. 

So stay tuned to this page because it starts here. I haven't got a pot to piss in yet but once this idea catches fire boys grab a fez and watch out!