Grab a piece of King Sweater history.

I'm aware that being a fan of mine is a challenge. I'm not always easy to locate, I tour sporadically, books take forever to come out...

But when I do attempt something I attempt it with all my heart. I Am The King Sweater is more than just the insane story of a man lost in Japan with a guitar and some homemade pomade.  It's also a  constantly revealing rock and roll art installation. There is no commercial upside to doing TKS only the satisfaction of doing it and the hope of what it might become. Montreal marked the beginning of something truly great.

I love merchandise when it's truly worth having. To commemorate the shows we had artist Sean Keeton create an amazing show poster. It's a giclee' art print of Myself and the girls blasting out Cakebox, It 's a work of art signed by Sean and I both. There is a limited amount but if you are a fan of mine, Sean's or The King Sweater Legacy then grab this one because they are fucking beautiful.