I forgot I had friennn.

This hasn't been my best year, and it's hard when things aren't breaking your way to think about anyone else but myself. But last week my friend, former and one time podcast partner Dave texted and said "...do you want to do Walking The Room at LA Podfest this Sunday." And I thought "Fuck dude that's all I want to do." I think I texted "I'm in." but I know I felt something far mor intense than that. I can't explain it really, other than to say that until asked I was unaware how much it would mean to do the show again and how proud I felt to be asked. Not just for me but for the good people who made it a semi, non historical, certified dumpster fire in the first place. For the kind people who carry a clown suit in their carryon just for the one in a million chance a show breaks out. That's called hope, and it's something I'd forgotten about. I may have also forgotten in the abyss of my own self-pity that I do indeed have friennn.  So to you and to Dave I say... 

You know you got friennn!


P.S. What's your piss jar? 

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