What else is going on?

I've been doing standup since Feb 28th 1989. I have been a standup for a little more than half my adult life. And yet the question remains. What else are you doing? I did a few interviews this week to promote this weekends shows in Irvine at the Improv, Monday at Largo, and Thursday at Flappers and they said "But does he have anything to promote?" Now I'm not an idiot most standup's have other jobs, in fact it's almost impossible not to... but I don't. I hate that it's not enough. It's not enough to promote it, it's not enough to get a special it's not even enough to just do it. It's seems ludicrous to ask a band if they have anything in works besides music. "Yeah look, I get that Deer Hunter have an album coming out but do they have something they want to promote?" The even weirder part is guaranteed whatever the standup has to promote it invariably has little to do with their standup, even if it's in comedy. Fame is what sells tickets to the general public that's not at all lost on me. My own temporal fame collided with my comedy career while such as it was and almost ended me (dramatic license) I think it would be amazing if my own standup was a means to it's own end. I dunno. 

It's fucking good, my standup. It's no, "I'm biding my time till the next life happens." It is my life, and I work really hard on it. It's relevant, and honest, and thoughtful and not for everyone. I wish it was enough.  I'm a comedian my show is well worth seeing and then seeing it again! Why? I turn my material over (slowly) but you will never see the same show twice, even if I did the same show twice in a row it wouldn't be the same. Comedy, like jazz, is environmental, especially if there is an environment to perform to :). So please, If you like me, come see my show. I promise I'll leave it all on the stage and when it's over you will say "Fuck that was awesome... what else does he do?"

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