As of this moment I am cancer free.

I posted it in a SPECIAL VAGUE STORIES but for those of you that can't stand the sound of my voice (I get it) as of yesterday I am cancer free/In remission. There were no cancer cells in me when they looked. And trust me they looked.

To you reading this thank you. Thank you for the support, the love, the friendship, the music and movie suggestions the gallows humor and the straight up sentiment. Thank you for the distractions, the invites and the work. And thank you for making the internet and social media a place of warmth and comfort rather than the bitchy, hate speechy, gossipy cesspool it can so easily be! 

I love you all ferociously.

Still Here

I Am The King Sweater Returns This Fall!

After a fierce but successful battle with lymphoma that interrupted his Australian run of IATKS Greg returns to the stage in Los Angeles  to continue what he started with a series of invite only shows in the small room at Largo. Dates and invites have yet to be picked and sent but info on how to get involved will be posted here at TheKingSweater.Com so stay tuned! 

The King Sweater Eats His Own Pomaded Cancels Tour!

Not the real reason but more eye catchy than writing "My tumy  hurts and requires surgical investigational." which is the actual truth. As you can imagine I'm heart broken. I started putting the show's various truth's and writtens last Oct in New York and I swear it gets better every night or maybe. I just enjoy it more. It's a risk and yet one that combines so many of the things I'm truly passionate about. But if I gotta recover from surgery probably best in the company of the female King Sweater crew! 

I will, with MICfestival figure out some way make up the dates, ''

To those of you who came already my sincerest thanks, to those that had tickets my sincerest apologies, and these who were thinking about it... hmmmmmm! 

Here We Go!

Yesterday I did one final preview of I Am The King Sweater here in Los Angeles with a Q and A at the end and it was a game changer for me. This is far and away the most adventurous show I've put up and also the dumbest! But the feedback I got was so perceptive and truly helpful. And except for the one guy that said "Just give up." I'm gonna use all of it. Plus that guy was my agent and he says that all the time. 

I'm lucky to have you, the fans I have, and I hope to make many more along the way as I share this epic tale of rock and tonsorial glory. Shows start Thursday the 26th for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival  

I hope to see yo there !



Los Angeles Have Cake with Me Next Sat!

Punx Angeleno and surrounding areas I need you next Saturday afternoon! I'm putting up I AM THE KING SWEATER one last time in a small theater called the Complex. Afterwards I will be serving cake and asking for your notes as I leave for Australia the next day. The theatre only seats 50 and the show is free so please RSVP here on the FACEBOOK EVENT page. I really could uses your help guys this show is very important to me and so far people seem to be really responding to it and I want to push myself in what ever way I can to make to great. Plus it will give me a chance to hang out with some of you before I split for 9 weeks. So if you have the time of a old failed former Japanese rockabilly mens cosmetics icon he's sure appreciate it! 

Here is how you'll never ever miss me!

Guys I'm not stumping for BANDSINTOWN Im putting this out there because It's something I think will help me as an artist and you as my loyal and amazing fan. In the recent year I've become suspect of how "important it is to have a social media presence"  I don't see Facebook, Twitter etc,  affecting my ticket sales at least. All I really get is 'Why didn't I know you were in town" or "Please come my town " which I'm only NOT coming to your town because I've not been invited, not because I don't want to. Trust me on this I've never turned down a gig unless I've had other work. I WANT to come to your town.

Point being, I really only use Facebook and Twitter so you will see me live because that is what I do. I am a performer and love it and so I have registered The King Sweater, Greg Behrendt and The Reigning Monarchs up with Bands In Town if you sing up you will never not know when I'm in town. And hopefully that's why you follow me. Stand Up, Music, Book Signings, all announced through bands in town. They also post my dates here on my Website. 

I Am The King Sweater look for: The King Sweater
Stand Up look for: Greg Behrendt