I almost didn't have a song on the pretty in Pink Soundtrack, and also didn't.

If you are fan of mine then you may be aware of the tough time I've had putting up this show. I AM THE KING SWEATER. The trouble started in the Spring of 2015 when in debuted in Australia. What had earlier been diagnosed as gas turned out to be Non Hodgkin's Large B Cel Lymphoma in my intestine. I was 8 shows and one decent review into a 22 night run about a man who almost had a song on the Pretty In Pink soundtrack.

"Esoteric... with a great narrative."-The Herald Sun

I jetted back to the US and was treated immediately by a hipster surgeon and my Bernie Sandersesq oncologist. Within roughly six months I was cancer free. (I remain that way.) 

I Am The King Sweater, the story of a man who goes to Japan, becomes a rockstar, get's his own lines of men's cosmetics, and forgets to tell everyone, was put on permanent hold after a less than stellar one night revival here at Largo in LA. I was just too weak. 

I went back on the road because that's what I do. I had put the show to bed when a little less than two months ago my managers called to tell me I had an opportunity to do the show at Just For Laughs in Montreal. (This Thurs, Fri and Sat July 28-30) I told them on one condition. If I could take a drummer instead of play to track I would consider it. They said Ok, but you have pay for the cost to cover the drummer yourself. Ok. 

Then my best friend and sister Kristen died suddenly and a little unexpectedly. I was and still am wrecked. I was told I could cancel my shows.

My sister was one of a handful of King Sweater devotees who not only loved the big dumb punk opera but worked on shaping it with me. Determined to do it I started performing bits and pieces of it around town with a live drummer, it was really cracking. 

Then I got the call that Danny the drummer had a botched out patient surgery and he would not be able to make the trip... 

With less than two weeks to go and nt spirit crushed my friend and writing partner Travis said "I have drum sticks." Which basically meant "I'm not promising you I'm a great drummer but I'm also not afraid to let you know I can drum." We had reached out to the internet via Gofundme.com to cover the cost of the drummer and within days we raised enough. 

Just For Laughs has a rich history of being a comedy festival where the film and tv industry gather to find new and exciting talent. Comics go there with big hopes. I myself have gone there more than a few times with big hopes, The first year I went I bombed so hard they are still picking up rubble. The next time I went, I got an enormous talent hold from NBC. In 2005 I did two sold out nights in an old theatre, in 2013 I did 4 nights in an old empty strip club unable to gather more than 70 people over 4 nights. Show business can really take it out of you sometimes. 

I'm not going to Montreal to get anything other than a room full of willing souls to howl, and wail at the first and only two man punk rock opera and love story about two Japanese girls and a never iconic men's cosmetics Icon, and rockabilly never-was, who changed the way people do absolutely nothing and had an amazing time almost doing it.