Now taking questions!

I am on a mission...

... a quest for information! I'm in the process of developing a new idea and I need your help, and want to help you. This Thursday Feb 9 I will be starting a 3 day, 5 show, run in Peoria Il. at Jukebox Comedy Club . Most of the show will be dedicated to the new hour I am planning to record as a "special" possibly in April. (more details about that to come) however for a short portion of each show I will be taking questions, from you, about... anything really.

I am a cancer survivor, a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, a father, a husband, and a New York Times best selling author of three relationship books on dating, breaking up, and self worth. I've known startling success, and great loss, and from both I have gained insight that I wish to hone by hearing yours. Surely you have a question about something in your life. It is also possible I will have questions for you. I am trying to establish a dialogue with you so that I can better understand you, our current world, and my own work, in order to create something of value.  I promise you it will be fun it always is. So please come see me. Bring books for signing and I will see you soon!